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With a heart and passion for the next generation, Mumen Ngenge' has traveled the globe inspiring, encouraging, and uplifting children and youth from all walks of life. Inspired by her personal life and adolescent/early teen years, which at times she felt less important, overlooked, or even not so beautiful, Her latest book titled "Especially ME" (available on Amazon and Barnes & Nobel ) is an interactive coloring and activity journal that points out the unique difference in each child and why that uniqueness makes them important necessary beautiful and SPECIAL. She has over 7 years of experience in working with children and youth, including youth administrator and coordinator at Ebenezer AME church. With everything from her celebrity vision board parties for teen girls to her "Pre-Loved closet giveaways" ( an event she created where she gathers women including celebrities to donate clothing to over 200 teen girls )even to penning and recording children's songs to build their esteem. Mumen has already had major impact not only in her community in the Washington DC area, but the effects of her work has literally impacted the WORLD. And to think.......she's JUST getting started.

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